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Our Vision

Improving our world by responsibly meeting society’s needs for quality lime and stone products.

  • Quality

    We provide samples from our quarry to our Laboratory
    on a daily basis so we are able to predict
    the quality of the finished product.

  • Relations

    Win the loyalty of our clients.
    Warranty them with long term
    supply in quality & quantity.


    Produce the maximum of added
    value with minimal /appropriates resources

  • Delivery

    To ensure a safe and timely delivery of products,
    We offer delivery service to your premises by Our fleet

  • Credibility

    Our sole focus is to provide the finest
    lime products and service to our customers.

Our Products

Mahadev Mineral is a manufacturer of high calcium quicklime, Hydrated Lime from our own on-site deposits of high calcium limestone. Our lime is used by diversified industries, in a large range of applications, including environmental, metallurgy, pulp and paper, sugar refining, refractory, construction, and other chemical/industrial uses. The potential applications for our high quality lime are as numerous as the industries that depend on this caustic alkaline chemical.

Quick LimeHigh Calcium

Hydrated LimeBest Quality

Pet CokeGreater Efficency

Gasoline SupplyAuthorized Supplier

LimeStonePebble Lime

32Happy Clients

300Daily Production(tons)

12Number of Klins

152Trees Planted

About Us

The company has won the confidence of countless clients worldwide with its range of products. We enjoy the dedicated patronage of our customers spread across the length and breadth of the globe.

01Brief Intro

Mahadev Mineral

Mahadev Mineral has the most uniform limestone deposit in the District of Nagore Rajashthan . As a matter of fact, we have the purest limestone deposit east of the Manakpur; with a calcium content upto 95%, we boast some of the purist lime in the industry. Our lime is very low in silica, iron, aluminum, magnesium and other impurities.
We provide samples from our quarry to our Laboratory on a daily basis so we are able to predict the quality of the finished product. Our operators are heavily involved in the process, performing hourly sampling to ensure that the chemistry of our lime meets the customer’s expectations. Our scales are calibrated on a daily basis for our packaged products so the desired weight is delivered to the customer each and every time.

    Values we share

  • Respect of laws, rules, procedures
  • Long-term Perspective
  • Respect of environment, nature, neighbourhood
  • Satisfy internal and external clients requirements


Lime and Limestone markets

Recognized as a Regional leader in the production of lime and limestone products, Mahadev Mineral provides high-performance, cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions for a broad range of applications, in a diverse range of commercial markets that provide goods and service that are all around us every day.

  • Steel Making—converting iron ore to pig iron; as flux agents
  • Paper, Pulp, and PCC—as filler in paper to improve optical properties
  • Chemical Processes—the production of soap, glue, sugar cubes, leather and more
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization—emissions control in the power generation industry
  • Mining—Refining metal ores and metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, gold, silver, and aluminum

The company possesses advanced machinery and equipment that are handled by experienced technicians and workers. The infrastructure is managed by a team of professionals, technocrats and mining experts

Realtime Order managment

Find our innovative ways to manage your order data, communicate with us, know your business cashflow, net bill, We send Automated invoice to our customer Hassle-free with single click payment reminder, payment confirmations.

One Click Order managment & Invoicing

  • Order online
  • Track your order
  • Get it Deliverd on time

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