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Mahadev Minerals is engaged in Manufacturing and Wholesaling of Quick Lime , Hydrated lime , Quicklime Powder and other Lime Products at Rajasthan , India since 1995. Our manufacturing facility is situated in the Sun City Jodhpur amidst of India's richest Limestone deposits at Borunda and Manakpur.
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We, with an excellent experience for more than 25 years in our field, fulfill the needs of our customers through our qualitative range of minerals. We have a strong relationship with our clients, and we gladly welcome their valuable suggestions and comments upon our range of minerals and chemicals.
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Manufacturing excellence in lime Products

The company is engaged in manufacturing of Quick Lime , Quick Lime Powder and Hydrated Lime with an installed capacity of 70000 MT of Quick Lime and 40000 MT of hydrated Lime per annum. Product purity, Proper Packaging , focus on customer delight and reliability of supply are what help us support a broad array of industries.
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Lime stone is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock consisting of calcium carbonate. It is being used by almost every industry i.e. fertilizers, food nutrients, construction, chemical, paper & pulp, metallurgical, oil refinery, agriculture etc. in powdered, lumps or other form. Limestone provided by us is processed exquisitely under the team of skilled professional.


Pure limestone extracted from quarries as a raw material (calcium carbonate), is burnt in a kiln at approximately 800 – 850 degrees Celsius to create calcium oxide. This is then crushed into chippings ready to be slaked.

Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime or Calcium Hydroxide is produced by reacting quicklime with water. Hydrated lime is used for water treatment in E.T.P., Soil stabilization, hot mix asphalt, in construction, caustic soda, PH correction, pellatisation of steel, bleaching powder, pickling of steel, white grease, sanitation.protective points for buildings as a whitening agents in sugar industry etc.


Burnt Lime Lump

Hydrated Lime/ Calcined lime
Hydrated Lime Powder Grade A-90% ,Grade B-85%, Grade C-80 %

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